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Four Ways to Redesign Your Bedroom


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We all get the urge every now and again, some more than others, to redesign rooms in our home. The bedroom, being one of the most frequently used spaces in a house, is a prime candidate to update when you are feeling that urge. With a little bit of DIY ingenuity, accessories, and bedroom furniture sets from Ashley HomeStore, you can take your bedroom from drab to fab without spending too much!
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Sometimes, something as simple as moving your furniture around the room is all that is needed. Changing the layout of your bedroom can generate better flow (think feng shui) and open up more space for activities. Once you have rearranged your room, head to Ashley HomeStore for finishing touches like accessories, lighting, or chairs to create visual interest.

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Maybe you’ve been thinking about taking a wall down to turn two bedrooms into one; perhaps a walk-in closet has been on the backburner. Or maybe it’s finally time for that master bathroom to open up to the master bedroom! Whatever your renovation dreams may be, there’s never been a better time to start. Create the ideal space with Ashley HomeStore’s great selection of bedroom furniture sets and accessories!

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Painting is one of the simplest, most cost-effective ways to make a change to your decor. Whether you want to create drama, or a more subdued look, painting your bedroom makes the most significant impact with the least effort. Once you’ve changed up the room’s color scheme, make a stop at Ashley HomeStore for textiles, decor, and a bedroom furniture set to match!

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After years of sleeping on the same bed and using the same dresser and night tables, it might be time to update your tired old furniture. Whether you are looking for a whole new bedroom furniture set or individual pieces for a more curated look, Ashley HomeStore has everything you need to create the design you want at prices you’ll love.

When it’s time to build the bedroom of your dreams — whether that means creating a new bedroom or simply adding a few design elements — Ashley HomeStore in Cheyenne is your trusted partner and style leader for the home. Visit us today to find out how we can help redesign your bedroom and more!

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