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Four Ways To Make Your Dining Room More Inviting

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Getting ready for the holiday season might mean having to prepare your home to entertain friends and family. To get your house ready for dinners and parties galore, the dining room is the perfect place to begin your transformation. For a space where the whole family can come together, eat, drink, and be merry, check out these four tips to make your dining room more inviting! Ashley HomeStore in Cheyenne has all the latest in dining room furniture and home decor that you need!

Modern open-plan dining room interior.

Rearrange Your Furniture

For a simple refresh of your dining area, start by rearranging your existing furniture to add some space and natural flow to the room. Moving your furniture around can also get the creative juices flowing, giving you inspiration for decor and style ideas. Maybe a new rug or some decorative accessories are in order? Whatever your budget, style, or design, Ashley HomeStore has something to spruce up your dining room furniture just in time for the holiday season.

Modern farmhouse dining-room.

Repaint The Room

As we head into the colder months, bringing some depth and warmth into the home becomes a priority. A great place to start is painting to accentuate whatever vibes you want to bring into the house. This season it’s all about the warm earthy tones, like natural clay and barn wood grey, to make your guests feel at home. Update your dining room textiles to match your natural color palette. For rugs, table cloths, drapery, and more, head to Ashley HomeStore in Cheyenne!

Light gray interior of a transitional dining room.

Update Your Furniture

After the rearranging and repainting, if you’re still feeling a little underwhelmed with the results, it could be that it’s time to replace your worn-out, old dining room furniture. Ashley HomeStore has matching dining room sets for a cohesive look — or get a more personally curated look by shopping individual pieces!

A redesigned living room.


A fun seasonal update is straightforward and probably a lot more cost-effective than you might imagine. Swap out old images for new fall-themed pictures in your frames, and spruce up some vases and table decor with autumn foliage. Create some interest and spark that seasonal joy with contemporary dining room furniture and accessories from Ashley HomeStore.

No matter what your budget, there are many ways to update your home decor for the season! Adding simple pops of autumn color, rearranging your space, or incorporating some new dining room furniture can bring the warmth and coziness of the season home. Visit Ashley HomeStore in Cheyenne today for the best value in home furnishings, decor, and more!

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